Monday, November 29, 2010

Not-Art 15-19 and an announcement!

Announcement first, as I'm too excited to wait--I've opened a second store! Now you can get shimmerstone jewelry from my Etsy shop AND my new shop on Artfire!
In celebration, the first customer at my Artfire will receive a free pair of earrings with their purchase!

Number 15. Conte crayon.Trying my hand at sketching a postcard of a beautiful woman with flowing hair, done by local artist Gabriel Pons. Well, his postcard was of a beautiful Asian woman. This one ended up a lopsided Asian girl (sorry Gabriel! I promise I'm not trying to sell this!). I'm far more comfortable with abstracts than I am with sketching, which is why I occasionally sketch--to get out of my comfort zone. I just tried to sketch what I saw, not what I thought I knew, and as a result, the mouth is fairly good for someone at my level.

Number 16. Acrylic paint. Inspired by a magazine clipping of a city block glowing neon at night, with a golden building as the focal point.

Number 17. Acrylic paint. Inspired by the show Fringe, with its dichotomy and twin realities, one represented by blue, the other by red, each with elements of the other mixed in, and a blurry dividing line. Everybody, tune your TVs/DVRs to Friday nights, and let's keep Fringe on the air!

Number 18. Acrylic paint. Inspired by an ad for, believe it or not, Skyy vodka. The ad was a startling image of glossy red boots, and a cobalt blue bottle against a bright yellow background

Number 19, today's painting. As you may have guessed by now, acrylic paint yet again. I really like the paints, the saturated colors, and how well they cover the drab beige of the original chipboard. Perhaps I will grow to love the other media as much when I have a white canvas to work on. Or, white chipboard. This was inspired by the cover of the album 'Wake Up And Smell The Coffee' by Irish band the Cranberries, most known for 'Dreams', 'Zombie', 'Linger', and 'Ridiculous Thoughts'.

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