Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Publication is such a thrill!

Today when I got home from work, I pulled into the driveway as a UPS truck pulled out. I wondered what the package was, but when I saw my name as the addressee, with Kalmbach Publishing as the return address, I got a little excited, albeit puzzled. Was it a free magazine issue from one of the numerous free-trial cards I'd filled out? Was it a sheaf of papers gently admonishing me for signing up for free trials time and again without actually subscribing (not likely)? Then I remembered something, and eagerly tore into the package.
Sure enough, it was an advance copy of the newest issue of BeadStyle--sent to me because it features THREE of my earring designs in the new earring gallery!

Now I am off to relax and read the rest of the magazine!


Courtney said...

They are beautiful and I meant to send you an email congratulating you! It is so cool when I recognize names in magazines!!!!!! Woo Hoo for you.

Kokopelli said...

Congrats on being published! I'm wainting for December 10th, as that will be the publishing date of my "first". I'm so excited!