Sunday, November 21, 2010

Non-Art and a new piece

 This is yesterday's non-art. Done in acrylic, thinking about Islamic architecture and colors. If I'm going for realism, I think I need something smaller than my fingers to paint with.
Today's non-art, done in colored pencil. Inspired by a FusionBeads ad.

This is the centerpiece of a new necklace. It's bead embroidered center, connected to brick stitch circles with a ribbon strap and peyote button closure.

It's also my latest experiment in using complementary colors. This one was challenging because it's difficult to design with red and green without being drab or Christmasy. I found that softening the red to shades of pink with hints of red, plus a soft green, a touch of neutral, and burgundy ribbon, works much better than, say, using equal parts bright green and bright red.


Lacy said...

I really like the first painting in this post! Great job!

A. Alexandra said...

the necklace looks beautiful