Friday, November 19, 2010

Non-Art Daily 7-9

Night before last, I was feeling unhappy so I made some big bold blue marker lines, then scribbled. It actually looks like the seed of a better idea later on.

The night after, I was feeling much happier after seeing Megamind (that movie makes me very happy), so while I still used marker instead of breaking out the paints, I got a little more artistically calculated--I tried harder to turn out something halfway decent (for me).

Today I was feeling extra gratified from the new Harry Potter movie, and had some extra time, so I broke out the paints. A low-saturation yellow background, orange stripe, cobalt, periwinkle and turquoise patches, with a bit of eggplant purple.

Guess I still have blue on the brain from yesterday's adorable little blue alien supervillain.

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