Sunday, September 26, 2010

What did you do with your weekend?

I've been working on more art-themed jewelry and beaded objects for a gallery show, and just put the finishing touches on a  necklace inspired by Julie Taymor's Beatles-music film 'Across The Universe'. A wild strawberry shaped centerpiece done in crazy brick stitch on a black bead chain wasn't quite enough--so I added a 'fan' of black beads behind the green leaf part.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a craft show that's reputed as one of the best on the East Coast. I haven't been to enough craft shows to comment on that reputation, but it WAS pretty nice. I saw floral wall plaques made of enameled metal nails, artisan soaps/bath products, sampled champagne jelly and stopped by the local bead shop, where I picked up some teal frosted teardrop beads, a yellow calcite donut and a pair of white quartz donuts. I already have an idea percolating for the calcite, and the quartz will probably become a bold pair of earrings.

What are you doing with your weekend?


SironaSelkie said...

I'm actually in between events as I type this... I spent much of yesterday doing homework (silly school) knowing that i would have no time today. We made a spontaneous trip to the beach and I got to enjoy sea glass hunting and sunset watching with my wonderful parents. Then this morning I walked the local Race for the Cure with a group from my school... it was fantastic and I can't wait to do another walk in October (that one for brain cancer, which affects someone I know personally) Now I am running off to my volleyball team's bonding dinner! This is an abnormally busy weekend, but it's a great one to share.

Lacy said...

My weekends I actually work at my 'real' job (If being a fast food manager is a real job) and thats what I'm getting ready to do this weekend...