Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: Catching Up

On this Whatever Wednesday, I'm going to do a quick couple of mini-posts of some of the posts that I meant to do earlier this week: Song Sunday, Movie Monday, Teaser Tuesday.

Song Sunday:
Born to Run by (who else, duh) Bruce Springsteen. Yeah, we've all heard this at least once. I recently had occasion to look up the lyrics and I confirmed a lyric I thought I'd heard him sing about 'strap your hands round my engines (no thanks Bruce, not that I don't love the song) and discovered I'd never noticed: the song is addressed to a person named Wendy.

Movie Monday:
The last movie I watched was Danny Boyle's 'The Beach' (from 2000, I think). This was the first time I'd seen any of Boyle's movies, and though there were a couple missteps, I conclude that he's a good filmmaker. The movie had a delicate, ever-present sense of distant but impending doom of some sort, increasing as the film neared its end. It starred a young Leonardo Dicaprio (who I learned from Inception and later, Romeo + Juliet, is actually good), the always-superb Tilda Swinton and featured a haunting turn by Robert Carlyle in an instrumental supporting role.

Teaser Tuesday:

"Do you understand any of that?"
I had to confess I did not. (Also, at the edge of my mind a picture briefly took shape: Uncle Eustace scrambling up the mountains of Samoa to sell Robert Louis Stevenson a tombstone.) --from 'The Gawgon and the Boy' by Lloyd Alexander

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