Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here we are, a week later

Rather than bore you with stories of why I haven't posted in about a week, I'll skip straight to what I did this weekend.
Friday night I went to a community theatre production of a medley of Broadway songs with a friend and our respective mothers (who preferred sitting in the car talking, over the actual program. Whatever works, right?). It was a lovely evening.
Saturday I attended the yearly Crafty Bastards show in DC, a gathering full of quirky, offbeat (and occasionally off-colour) crafts and crafters. I had marked my calendar for this show months in advance, and was quite excited. So excited, I was willing to walk the almost-mile from the nearest Metro station to get there!
Many of the crafters there were from Etsy, and some of them I had met from attending last year, or had already 'met' in the Etsy forums, including as Spiderbite, ScenicArtisan and StrawberryLuna. I admired clothing from The Devil Made Me Do It, almost bought a teal silkscreened tee from MaryInk to go with the gray key tee I bought from them last year, and bought an oversize graphic print tee from The Bare Tree.
I was utterly entranced by Robin Delaloye's Bookstruction booth--she makes sculptures out of old unwanted library books!
Other totally cool booths at which I lingered include (but are not limited to):
Lillian Crowe Jewelry
Loyalty and Blood
The Black Spot Books

Having discovered a great new site, EtsyOnSale, I'm also running a 20% off sale all week on my Shimmerstone Earrings section in my shop. Now's your excuse to buy my stuff. You know you want to!


Lacy said...

I just discovered EtsyOnSale too, For the next 2 weeks I'm having a 15% off sale on my bracelets. Hopefully it pulls in more sales for both of us!

Diana said...

That looks like a cool website!

You should also take a look at posting on - it's totally free.