Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Featured Artist: TattooDreams

TattooDreams transforms plain wooden boxes into works of wonder as she works her rubber-stamping magic! I would like this 'Namaste' jewelry box to stash my jewelry in!

She is also a veteran art show exhibitor who very kindly shares her knowledge with those of us starting out on the circuit.

Patricia the artist says: "I create wooden boxes, tables, mirrors and accessories and use them as the 'canvas' for my thoughts and imagery. I impress my designs onto them with black paint and further embellish them with silk, handmade beads and ephemera. My line of iconic Tattoo Dreams become tomorrow's heirlooms with today's edge.
As an artist I feel the continual need to create. The need to express ones self through art is as old as time. I hope the buying public continue to support American made art and fine craft. It's a return to basic, simple values. America began by invention and making things. Let's return to that spirit!!!"

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