Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Featured Artist: LizardsJewelry

Happening upon the LizardsJewelry shop, I discovered a world filled with organic wonders in silver, gemstone and polymer clay exquisitely styled in twining, curling forms in textures harking back to the natural world. Her jewelry seamlessly combines a thoroughly modern aesthetic with a age-old 'creature' appeal and a bit of childlike playfulness.
I'd like to wear this unisex Strength In Threes pendant:

Liz the artist says: "My work combines precious metals, stones, plastics, glass or whatever shiny object catches my eye. My designs are contemporary combining both organic and geometric forms, usually with colorful stones, glass or found materials. The majority of my pieces are pendants, necklaces and earrings, though I do occasionally make other items. My main focus in the past was fabricating metals to create my designs. In 2004 I discovered a new medium called PMC (Precious Metal Clay), which has inspired new works. I enjoy exploring this new medium and combining it with my other materials. I strive to always improve on my designs and techniques and to make jewelry that is creative, unusual, elegant and fun to wear."

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