Sunday, September 27, 2009

Featured Artist: MorningGloryDesigns

Need a necklace to fit in in the Royal Court? Morning Glory Designs to the rescue! The Old-World-style filigree necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pins are set with faceted glass gems and embellished with charms. Many of them use vintage jewels, like this pendant and earring set:

The artist, Willie Zuniga, has an amazing story behind her jewelry.

Willie says: "I first began making jewelry during a long illness, and what began as a means of keeping busy soon became a passion. I returned to work briefly, but in 2003 my recurring illness forced me to leave my job permanently. It was a terribly difficult time. I couldn't imagine how I would remain a productive, useful person without working, let alone learn to live with the results of the surgeries and treatments that were required.

During this time, I came across a website featuring Victorian style jewelry components. I immersed myself completely in learning to design. Although I was still very sick, this process shifted the focus away from my seemingly hopeless health problems, and on to the timeless beauty of vintage design.

During my day-long hospital treatments, I often worked on my jewelry. When other patients showed an interest, “Angels in the Parlour” was born. I started bringing extra tools and supplies along, and soon we had a small group of budding designers ... all very sick, but each surely changing what might have been a terribly dismal time.  As a result, I have formed many treasured friendships.  I am honored by the company of these courageous and amazing women, and blessed by their example. While fighting the greatest battles of their lives, they create and dream, laugh and cry, and share their strengths and sorrows. I am eternally grateful to these "angels," for through them I have not only made peace with my situation, but have found a happier and more productive, useful life than I ever dreamed possible."

Visit her shop at and be sure to check out the Angels In The Parlour category!

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