Monday, September 28, 2009

Featured Artist: PiecesofMePendants

Etsy's PiecesOfMePendants features quirky little pendants that go with everything! And at about $6 apiece, you can have a pendant to go with every outfit! My favorite is the silhouetted singer

Lisa the artist says:  "My name is Lisa and I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been doing a variety of crafts just for fun since I was a little girl and have always enjoyed the creativity involved so when a friend told me about Etsy I thought I’d try selling some of my creations online and it’s been a bigger success than I ever could have initially imagined.
I love painting, mostly with oils, though I also do acrylic and watercolour painting as well. I love old movies and vintage/antique things. I like the history of things, knowing that they had a history before me and wonder who owned them and what their story is. I love that my pendants are part of that now. I’ve sold pendants all over the planet and love the idea that someone in Australia or Russia or Sweden, or Idaho is wearing one of my creations."

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Thanks so much for featuring me! :)