Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Love My Sparklies!

This past year I got to do something I’ve never done before: see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. It was a ’Christmas Spectacular’ themed show, with singing, dancing, Santa (though I’d’ve been perfectly happy if he had never showed his suspiciously jolly mug at all. I’m anti-Santa!), a short and singularly bizarre rendition of The Nutcracker…and did I mention more dancing?

Some people can declaim all they want about extremely choreographed dance and the erasure of the individual, and how dance troupes like that are outdated and supposedly demeaning to women and all that…but the actual sight of the Rockettes kicking up their heels (or really, ANY of their dancing) is more than enough to overcome any such thoughts, leaving you as entranced as a kid in Disneyworld.

Adding to my personal delight, there were sparklies on the Rockettes’ costumes! There would be thousands of new sparkles every time they moved. Any time, any place, I am a sucker for sparklies. Makes me remember the acrylic jewels I used to save up for and buy at craft stores. Though I no longer buy those plastic rhinestones, I never did get over my little-girl obsession with glittery colory shiney things, which is no doubt how I ended up with my incorrigible enthusiasm for body adornment. Oh and beads. Which are, you know, kinda related.

I’d excavate my crystals from the sedimentary layers of my bead collection and make a super-sparkly triple-pendant right now…if I didn’t have to finish an elaborate neckpiece by the deadline specified by a big beading contest I‘m entering.
There’ll be more on that next time.

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