Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy (In The Best Sense!)

Every year, Fire Mountain Gems hosts a beading contest. And most every year, I enter. It's a wonderful excuse to buy lots of supplies to make the most elaborate, ambitious, out-there designs I and my design partner can think up! Each piece takes at least a month to make, with several hours each day spent beading. The choker above must have taken three months, though. Seed bead designs usually take much longer, especially if I run into unforeseen problems with the viability of the design, or need a kind of bead which of course I can only get at this one little shop, which is either not where my bus is stopping that day, or it's closed when I manage to get there...you know how these things can be sometimes.
Here's hoping the production of this year's entries will be more streamlined!


strungoutandwired said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! Your are so talented! I don't have the patience for beading like this.

Bright Circle said...

Thank you. I very nearly didn't have the patience, either! It greatly helps to listen to an audiobook or half-watch, half-listen to a movie while I bead.