Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why 'Non-Respectable' part 1

I refer to myself as a 'Non-Respectable Jewelry-Maker'. The natural question is, of course, why? Well, reason #1 is, I don't follow the law written in every 'sell your craft/jewelry' book, article, or online tip which says 'your jewelry must be all one general style and look unified when you put them all out.' Tying myself down to just one style isn't something I could do even if I wanted. I want to make things with colored wire and glass beads, or weave thousands of tiny beads into organic or strongly geometric shapes. I want to peruse the selection of subtly-shaded stone beads, to search diligently for stones of colors which, when put in context of each other, bring out unexpected hues in a most delightful way, or cluster crystals together just to see them glittering under the fluorescent lights of the grocery store.

Reason #2: Even though the books say is to 'pick a target demographic toward whom to market your jewelry', I refuse to make assumptions about the age, life situation, or even gender of the people who want my jewelry enough to buy it (though most of my jewelry would not be considered unisex).

Reason #3: I don't even stick to jewelry! I love making shimmering glass magnets, collaging with magazine clippings, revamping old jeans and shoes, even drawing on rocks.

These are just the couple of reasons present in my busy brain at the moment. Stick around for when I remember even better reasons why I'm a Non-Respectable Jewelry-Maker!

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