Friday, January 11, 2008

My Fanheart Is Broken Except Not Really, At All

I’ve ‘broken up’ with most of Star Trek (with the exception of the original series, and the New Frontier books). Like it is with 90% of boyfriends, one eventually breaks up with the object of one‘s affections (not that I speak from personal experience with those). I got impatient with The Next Generation, couldn’t stay interested in Deep Space Nine, had zero respect for Voyager, and never really saw Enterprise. I still like the original series, but am by no means a regular viewer.
So here I am, an ex-Trekkie. But just because I no longer have much use for Star Trek doesn’t mean my little sci-fi fan's heart has ceased to beat. So where do I get my sci-fi fix? It’s a show called Stargate SG-1.
Sure, some might argue it isn’t as good a show as, say, Battlestar Galactica. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t. I don’t particularly care. Stargate SG-1 has a little zing to it that is its greatest strength.
Plus, there’s really cool jewelry! Every time someone on the show wears jewelry, it is a piece of truly imaginative shape, construction, or material, and it makes me want to pull out my sketchbook to draw the generality of the design, so I can make something vaguely similar, but prettier and more fine-tuned. But, as with many ideas, none of mine in that regard have come to fruition yet.
Until then, I’m content with my beaded dog tag with a Stargate symbol on it, in honor of my current favourite character. (I am inexplicably obsessed with his dog tags.)

By the way, to any active Trekkies who may be reading this, don’t feel bad for or angry at me. Star Trek and I still get along nicely when we meet on the street.


Heath said...

Youuuu luv O'Neiillllll.....

Bright Circle said...

Hey yo. Notice I didn't name names.