Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Have A Confession To Make

Though I’ve been tinkering with beads for several years, I still don’t quite know what to say when I’m out on the street and someone goes gaga over what I’m wearing.
Responding to an online compliment is comparatively easy. For example, if someone is perusing my online shop ( and send me a message saying how they love my style, I can take my time composing a suitable ‘compliment acceptance’ response, something that’s more than just ‘Thank you, I really like it too’. But if there’s a real live person in front of me, and I need to think of a response right away, the impulse is to blush and shuffle my feet in the face of all the attention.
I know enough to never respond with any variation of ‘oh this old thing; it isn’t that complicated or special’ but beyond that, I have difficulty thinking of what to say besides ‘thank you’, ‘this is one of my favourite pieces’, and occasionally ‘oh yes, people love this necklace’.
Perhaps someday I will learn how to take a compliment. Until then, I’ll blush, thank them…and direct them to my shop.

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