Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Salutation, Orientation, and Promotion

Salutation, Orientation, and Promotion: Well hello y’all! Having spent much of the past ten years studying beads, and designing and making (or at least thinking about making) all manner of jewelry, prevailing wisdom says that I should have a blog with which to edify, entertain, and educate anyone who will listen. Not to mention doing some subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) promotion of my online shop. As Danny Kaye says in White Christmas, ‘we all have a little angle’. Most of my posts will be bead or jewelry-related, but occasionally there will be the occasional post about altered shoes, the WWE‘s Monday night RAW, or some other random thing that catches my fancy.
Now for the not-so-subtle promotion! (yay!) After years of searching for the right outlet through which to show my jewelry, a friend recommended an online community called ‘Etsy’, and OH, it is a lovely most wonderful site! Here is my Etsy page: Of course, I’m giving you a virtual hug just for being here.
May your heart be filled with warm fuzzies!

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