Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not-Art 50-59

Day 50. Acrylic paint.

Day 51. Crayon, eyeliner and lipliner. I had just gotten a sampler pack of ATC-sized art papers, and couldn't wait till I got home to try them, so I made some quick not-art on the go.

Day 52. Acrylic paint, colored foil I'd received for New Year's. I textured the orange and yellow foils, then painted over the texture and removed some of the paint. I also only used pieces of the foils to cover the ATC-sized board, and put blue and orange paints in the spaces between.

Day 53. Marker, ballpoint pen, pencil.

Day 54. Foil candy wrappers, marker.

Day 55. 'Illogical'. Marker on ATC-sized card. I'm using a lot more ATC-sized cards since I'm almost out of the business-card sized boards I've been using since the beginning, and because I was given a plentiful supply of ATC sized ones for New Years. My family knows how much I love my Not-Art project.

Day 56. Block printing ink, acrylic paint.

Day 57. Tackling yet again the Skyy vodka color scheme.

Day 58. 'Window'. Oil pastel.

Day 59. 'Sodden'. Acrylic paint on ATc-sized paper. I had glopped rather too much paint onto the board, and didn't like how it looked, so I laid the paper face down onto a piece of scrap paper, then peeled it off, effectively removing about half the paint and introducing a neat effect. I repeated this step several times, thus distributing the paint colors, then put a few swipes of bluish-lavender and white paint around the corners. It felt finished then.

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