Saturday, January 8, 2011

Color challenge finals: Winged Lions of the Ishtar Gate

The final challenge was using the colors of the Ishtar Gate, one of the wonders of ancient Mesopotamia. With its rich blues and golds, this was possibly my favourite color palette to work with, and so I gathered all the true blues from my bead drawer.
Another part of the gate contains lighter, more turquoise blues, and winged figures, so I also took out turquoises, and found an old wing charm. The charm was copper, but I transformed it with the simple application of fine gold paint.

A tube of brick stitch at each end provides the base, connected by many strands of the blue beads, interspersed with glinting gold. A glittering gold chain around the neck finishes the necklace.

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jamberry_song said...

Oh my gosh, it's BEAUTIFUL! It came out perfectly; you captured the essence of that mural so perfectly. Oh goodness, I'd love a necklace like that; I'm totally in love.

XD Well done!