Monday, January 3, 2011

Color challenge finals: The Pink Tablecloth

The Pink Tablecloth was tough in terms of colors--I had almost no colors in peach, light teal or gray, but I managed to scrounge up some materials without buying anything especially for the piece.
I started the design process by thinking about the lines of the painting--clean lines, some curved, some straight. I decided to model the piece after an old necklace design featuring a pendant inside a round wire frame, suspended from ribbons.

I dug out some fibers: light yellow chenille and fuzzy gray yarn, plus a strand of sky blue 11s spaced with 3mm amber glass beads, and a gray silk ribbon. Now for the fun part. I had a silver double-sided pendant bezel into which I glued a tiny round section of bead embroidery, done in blue, cream, charcoal and mustard seed beads, with a few milky yellow teardrops for textural interest.

On the other side, I put in a peach shimmerstone! Instead of a round wire frame, I made it rectangular to balance the flowing curves of the fibers. On the bottom I wrapped some pale pink chalcedony beads, and I connected the frame to the fibers with diamond-shaped links, from which hung sky blue crystal rivoli drops.

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