Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not-Art 37-45

Day 37. Paper, rollerball ink, old stamp from envelope.

Day 38. 'Constellation'. Marker, rollerball ink. I just drew a random pattern of dots, not thinking at all, then randomly connected them and it ended up looking like a constellation. I always liked making up my own better than trying (and failing) to find them.

Day 39. 'Test'. Paper, rollerball ink, marker.
Because I am more than what fits in the box, more than numbers and letters could ever say.

Day 40. Paper, marker.

Day 41. Block printing ink. This stuff isn't meant to be used as paint, but I did anyway. Took several days to dry.
 Day 42. Paper, rollerball ink, glitter, white glue, block printing ink.
I think I used some paper from the inside of a bill envelope.

Day 43. Paper, block printing ink, marker.

Day 44. 'You Don't Need TWO Ears!' Marker, acrylic paint.
My near-obssession with Labyrinth continues. I am quite fond of the pyromaniac Chilly Down stoner monkeys with their various removable limbs and innocent yet nightmarish games. My favourite part is when one disembodied head follows Sarah as she climbs up a wall, insisting 'What about your ears? You don't need TWO ears!'. So I painted a chaos of orange, red and pink tones like the monkeys, dotted with pairs of eyes and a stray tail.

Day 45. Paper, oil pastel. I think the curtain is coming up on the sun, with a blue handkerchief in the foreground. Or something. There's a reason I call this stuff not-art.

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