Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Marcie, Margie & Me Finals Color Throwdown

I've been so enjoying participating in Marcie's 'Margie & Me' color challenges, so when the most recent one was announced as a Finals challenge of sorts, with prizes even, I was so excited! The gist of it was, instead of having two weeks to make a piece or two from one palette, those of us who chose to participate had a choice of FIVE palettes, with four weeks to design and make a piece using one of the palettes. You can read the original post here.

Well, I usually make two pieces for the two-week challenges and still can hardly wait for the 'big reveal', so I made it a goal to make FIVE pieces--one per palette, and choose the best one to submit to the contest. (The rules were later amended to allow multiple entries/palettes per person.) I dallied around (er, I mean, tried to design) for the remainder of the week, and got to actually beading when I had about two weeks left.

The rules were to use the palettes prescribed, but I added some guidelines of my own: try to reflect some of the visual ideas of the art providing the palette, and use supplies I already own. Let me tell you, I'm not always that great at designing around a color AND imagery theme on a deadline, and with two weeks to design and finish FIVE pieces, no less. But I finished the last of the pieces with a few days to spare! No late-night beading sessions to make the deadline! I felt almost like I had completed a college assignment.

The Big Reveal is tomorrow. At that time, I shall dedicate a post to each piece. In the meantime, here's a little piece made in the Ishtar Gate challenge palette. It's not one of the entries, just a little ring I made while messing around with Marcie's 'Solstice' pattern published in the current issue of Beadwork.

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