Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marcie, Margie & Me colour challenge

Having discovered Marcie Abney's blog, La Bella Joya and her ongoing Margie and Me color-themed challenge, I've been working with colours I would not have otherwise paired. The latest challenge was to be inspired by a Rococo church ceiling shown above, incorporating pale blues, pinks and golds.
I made two pieces. The first was this crystal pendant in mellow gold, with a royal blue peyote/herringbone bail accented with gold in its 'spine'. The pink came from a pair of faceted glass beads at the point of the bail, and the satin cord on which the pendant hangs.

I've been doing a lot of loop fringe lately, so I decided to make a loop fringe pendant in the challenge colours. Since my bead box has its limits, I used the colours I needed in the shapes I had: cubes, hexes, delicas and Czech size 11s.

I started with sea blue 6s, then added matte medium and sky blue cubes, medium blue AB 6s, pink hexes, a mix of pink Delicas, then gold Delicas and copper AB Czech 11s. I sewed a path of pink Delicas down the center, added a pink octagon Swarovski crystal, and finished the piece with a sky blue satin cord.
Thanks Marcie and Margie--this was a great exercise in creativity!


Releases by Rufydoof said...

Wow you did a great job. I especially love the second piece - the colours match perfectly!


Marcie Abney said...

That Star is awesome! I think it would be great for the holidays. Thanks for playing along!

Nancy said...

Beautiful!! So glad you joined in the fun!!

Lacy said...

I love the star! I'm going to go check out the blog/challenge :)