Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In a state of excitement for color theory

Lately I've really been focusing on color theory. I've also been using loop fringe. Blue and orange are complementary on the color wheel, so my challenge was to make something based in blue and orange that DIDN'T look terrible (I have difficulties with complementary colors). One trick I learned from reading all those books on color was to use multiple shades of complementaries, plus a neighboring color.
I made a pair of earrings first, then a matching necklace.

I decided that orange was going to be the main point of the earrings, with yellow as the neighboring colour, so I used a 'backbone' of matte, almost-cobalt blue cubes to stitch the fringe through. I used 5 shades of orange and 2 shades of yellow, in 3 finishes. Then I stitched silverlined light-cobalt 15s through the blue cubes, so the backbone had a visual element (the silver lining) in common with the fringe.
For the earrings, I folded up loops of fringe at the top and bottom. On one side, I added a large pearl, and on the other, a jumpring for the ear hoop.

For the necklace, I ran a simple blue satin cord through the top half of the loops, gathering the loops like ruffles. The resulting necklace slightly resembles an ancient collar, perhaps Egyptian or Minoan.


Marcie Abney said...

Haha Jess! I just got your message! Tide is University of Alabama and Auburn is the University of Auburn, bitter rivals. ;)

Bright Circle said...

Ah ha!

Mystic Pesto said...

I love the blending effect as the color shifts from orange to yellow, and that vibrant blue really sets it off!!! this is gorgeous, Jess!!!