Monday, September 6, 2010

The joys of making it yourself!

Having recently read the book 'Chain Style' from Interweave Press, I have chain on the brain. Having little ready-made chain on hand, I finally hit upon a new idea--using scraps of leftover wire to create handmade chain links, incorporating gem beads right on each link. The first bracelet I made with this chain used turquoise rondelles and silver cable chain, and reminded me a bit of lace.

Then I hit upon the idea of using chips instead of rondelles. I made a chain using polished garnet chips, with a stunning focal labradorite and garnet pendant from MoonBeadsVintage on Etsy.Instead of making a chain long enough to go all the way around the neck, I made the garnet chain long enough to adorn the front of the neck, paired it with a strand of grey labradorite ovals to complement the stone pendant, and finished the necklace with handmade links of earthy leather, clamped together with silver bands and a handmade wire clasp.

 Something I love about this chain is how the beads seem to dance and float, complementing without overpowering! I foresee many of these chains in my future. Ah, the joys of doing it yourself.

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Jessica said...

I really like that new chain style as well. I just bought a necklace that had them incorporated within the design. Lovely new items! :)