Friday, September 3, 2010

I've been reading those fashion magazines again, somebody stop me!

The autumn/winter season is starting, in the fashion world as well as the regular one. With the season come the legendary 'September issues' of the fashion magazines and all the requisite 'update your style' columns. I'm wary of  'fashion' but open to true style, so I'm open to suggestion, and one of my favourite style columns is the 'new spin on old classic'.

The concept of new spin on old classic got me thinking about turquoise. A classic way to wear turquoise is combined with the tried-and-true orange carnelian.

An updated way is in my latest bracelet, featuring alternating chunks of earthy turquoise and upscale 'ruby' moonstone in place of the carnelian. The dyed moonstone beads are about the same intensity and 'color value' as carnelian, but the hot magenta shade provides a shot of freshness.

And I'll stop talking now, before somebody figures out that I'm just making up this fashion stuff as I go. Oops...

P.S. It just occurred to me that were this bracelet in a magazine, it'd be in the jewelry pages with a caption like 'at only $60, this bracelet is a steal!' Fashion editors, consider yourselves notified.


Lacy said...

I love that turquoise and pink bracelet!

Haha, And I love how were both hanson fans, jewelry makers, and both afraid of driving. Good luck to you on the driving part. Even though I did it, I'm still terrified.

Jessica said...

Those colors are amazing! Waaaant. :)