Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun with collage cuffs!

I've done a fair bit of teaching beading classes at the local bead shop. One of my favourite classes to teach was the 'Wire Collage Cuff'; a simple wire cuff frame containing a wonderful assortment of any beads of your choosing. Making them was always very freeing.

The first one I made was a light-feeling cuff that looked like scarlet threads crisscrossing the wrist, on a zig-zagged frame.

The second used a straight frame and a big focal bead amongst blue tones mixed with dark steel and a touch of orange.
My most recent cuff I call 'Hard Candy'. Using a mix of bright orange and hot pink glass, it's my favourite version so far.


SironaSelkie said...

These look really fun to make! I am inspired.... I was going to make a Joanns run today and thick wire is suddenly on my list so I can try a few of these bangles for myself :D

Jessica said...

Those look gorgeous! I've never made jewelry before. I'd love to try one of those cuffs sometime!