Monday, September 7, 2009

Featured Artist: Tinyspace

 Cara of TinySpace offers very appealing graphics as well as applying her skills to promo materials such as business cards, graphics packages, etc. 

She says: "Tiny Space is a small home studio with love of printed + handcrafted goodies. Apart from crafty things I offered in the store, my other goal is to provide you professional graphic design services to help your business stand out from the crowd. Please convo me to find out how I can help you out!
Design is truly my passion, and whenever I'm free, I will be sitting in my home studio designing and crafting.
All the products in my shop feature my original illustration and designs."

 My favourite is the 'Happy Rain' print.
Visit TinySpace's shop at

1 comment:

kim* said...

o i love this type of art! reminds me of stuff i did like 10 yrs ago. i miss being inspired to do stuff like this. great work!