Monday, September 7, 2009

Featured Artist: Minty Fresh Monster Apparel

Saman and Erica of Minty Fresh Monster Apparel provide us with adorable quasi-geekwear. I want these tees!

 The duo says: "The "MFM" in our shop name stands for “Minty Fresh Monster”. You know, sort of like the “Jolly Green Giant”, but more trendy, or something. And we sell T-shirts instead of peas.
Minty Fresh Monster Apparel is run by two Minneapolis Natives, Saman and Erica. The founder and designer at Minty Fresh Monster Apparel is Saman. He started the operation a way to share his creative vision with others, and make some money at the same time while he was a student. He's a dedicated artist, designer, and illustrator with a passion for T-shirt design. He loves to draw, and with every order, he makes one-of-a-kind drawings for our customers. Mostly for fun. But we think you'll like them too. Erica manages the business side of MFM Apparel and does other cool things like carve stamps for our labels."

Haven't YOU always wanted a tee with picture of Minneapolis on a turtle's back?

Visit their shop at

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