Thursday, September 10, 2009

Featured Artist: Katker

Katker's Bloomin' Button jewelry is charming with more than a touch of sophistication. These delightful adornments feature vintage beads, and are available in earrings, rings, necklaces and brooches.

The artist says: "I have been making jewelry off and on since my teens. I realized earlier this year (2009) that I have been working in an office for half of my life, mostly in the legal field. Lately I've been feeling a little like Erin Brockovich - "I hate lawyers, I just work for them." So after many weeks of thinking and brooding, I decided that I needed to indulge my creative side more if I wanted to stay relatively sane.
The jewelry creations in my shop were created using a mix of vintage and contemporary beads, buttons and findings. I love to work with vintage and new Swarovski and vintage Czech glass buttons. The great thing about working with vintage beads and findings is that most of what I create is one of a kind, so you can have unique jewelry that no one else has! Isn't that fantastic?"

Oh, I do like these Dameka Daisy Bloomin' Button earrings:

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Kathy said...

Thanks so much for the great feature!

new creationz said...

Great feature Kat. You do awesome work!

evittscreekarts said...

she uses. You can tell it's really genuine!

Allie said...

Sorry, the comment got cut off! What I said was "there's a consistency to the style she uses. You can tell it's really genuine!"