Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Promise Not To Be The Pushy Saleslady!

This year I'm cautiously dipping my feet back into shows--I'm signed up for a space at the Warrenton (VA) Spring Festival on May 17! I've done my research, and based on what sold the last time I did that show, I know which of my products to bring. If any of you are in the area, come stop by my booth! I promise to give you a free business card (really! I wouldn't dream of charging for one! lol) and won't even be a pushy saleslady at you!

Here's a sampling of what I'll have:
Stretchy bracelets with colory glass (people love these!)

Earrings (though the orange pair is gone; it was my first Etsy sale!)
Beaded rings (because of their flexibility, they fit more fingers than solid rings of the same size) Inkrocks from my second Etsy shop, ParadoxMoxie
and lastly, shimmery glass magnets!

All in all, I'm fairly optimistic about this year's show.

Speaking of craft shows, I just finished reading a really long forum thread about craft show horror stories--all 77 pages of it.

Turns out a lot of people run into crazy attendees, and even some crazy exhibitors too. There were some horrifying, hilarious, and even heartwarming stories in there, and it actually made me feel more secure about exhibiting again (somehow).


Looneybird Moonmaiden said...

good luck with your craft show...just one more thing before you pack up and head out...

you've been tagged!


Bright Circle said...

Yay Looneybird! (gives you sticky kiss)