Monday, January 28, 2008

Does This Count As A Conversation With The Ex?

Even though I’m officially broken up with Star Trek, I must confess when the teaser poster for the upcoming movie was unveiled at ComicCon (and a picture of it posted in a magazine, which was where I saw it. Though I’m something of a ‘fan girl’, I’m not nearly enough of one to actually go to ComicCon), I did get excited.

I mean, just take a look at this beauty!

Ooh, and just wait until the teaser hits I’ll seize upon it as fast as I can move the mouse. OR, maybe I’ll be innocently going to see some other movie, and one of the advertisements before it starts will be a teaser for Star Trek: The New Movie! Oh man, I gotta get me to a movie theater; maybe that very thing WILL happen!

…….Ok, so maybe I’m more of a latent Trekkie than ex-Trekkie. And I do hereby solemnly promise NOT to go to a movie for the sole purpose of ‘happening’ to see any Star Trekian teasers.

But I just might make a necklace that looks like a time portal.

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