Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ribbon necklaces

One of my favourite new designs is the silk ribbon wrap bracelet/necklace. The ladies at Class Act Designs commisioned this bracelet above, after seeing my Forbidden Love necklace, below.

 I embroider 15/o seed beads onto the ribbons (they may need ironing; do this with caution) around a focal bead such as this metal heart from Green Girl Studios.

When I saw this little Shiva Nataraja pendant at Tika Imports, I knew I was going to buy it. Why? Because I've been looking for one ever since reading the book 'Shiva's Fire', about a girl Parvati with the power of dance. I've looked for years for a pendant version of the dancing Shiva in his ring of flames, but only found little statuettes until the B&B show.
I paired the pendant with the hot pink and orange silk ribbon from Class Act Designs as befitting an Indian-inspired piece, and embroidered slanting lines in gold 15/o seed beads.


Kim Cavender said...

beautiful work, I especially love the bracelet!

EMackk said...

They are stunning! Well done!

gothicreations said...

very cool

Eva said...


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thanks :)