Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bronze flower peyote link necklace

A while ago I came up with a simple pattern for a peyote stitched ring using 3mm or 4mm beads and 11/o seed beads. I always thought it would make an interesting beaded chain. Well, I finally got around to doing the chain. Here it is, in iris bronze, green, blue and purple 4mm firepolish beads, and bronze 11/o beads, finished with a gold silk cord and matte gold fleur de lis button.

I'm astonished I ever used the gold silk (I got it at the Bead & Button show two years ago in a variety pack because I couldn't decide on my own), and quite happy. The detail I'm most happy about, however, is the little beaded beads on each end, connecting the links to the cord. You see, one of my greatest difficulties in using silk cord is what to do with the ends. Crimping on some metal finding is ok, but not great, and definitely wouldn't have blended well with this design. But I used one of the beaded beads to conceal a knot at the end of the doubled silk, and the other to connect to the gold button, which  goes into a knotted loop of silk cord--the other end of the cord.

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