Sunday, November 14, 2010

Non-Art Daily, Nov 14

Yes, two posts on the same day, having to do with my Non-Art project. It's just that I'm catching up and had to finish today's piece.

Using acrylics again, I took inspiration from another FusionBeads ad, but this time it turned out pretty much nothing like the original ad. I used aubergine, purples, some pink, a bit of cobalt blue, touches of yellow and managed to mix a tan/brown to moderate all the bright colour. Topping it all off are splashes of bright scarlet, which also rims the painting. This painting turned out fairly chaotic, but I tried to keep both a sense of movement with the big aubergine stripe, and balance/unity with the repeated splotches of scarlet along with matching frame. 
The inspiration was this ad:

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