Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday: in which I talk about, well, whatever. Like what's on my library shelf. I've got 'Cook Yourself Thin' and have tried several recipes from it, all delicious. Try the turkey burger and sweet potato fries. I've never liked sweet potatoes but now I may be a convert, at least where seasoned oven fries are concerned. The turkey-bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is also excellent, and I plan to try the baked peaches soon.

I'm also re-reading Tamora Pierce's 'In The Hand of the Goddess', second in a medieval fantasy series about a girl who becomes a knight. The prose is so-so, but I read this series as a teenager and it's like comfort food,

The last book on my library shelf is 'Whatcha Mean, What's A Zine?' by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson. It's all about zines (mini self-published magazines); the history, what you can write in one, various ways of making one, publishing it, getting together with other zinesters. I write a zine, called ReWrite and though it's been out of print due to lack of printer, it's about time for another issue now that I have a printer.

I also have a DVD out, of the Twilight movie. Having had so much fun watching New Moon, yelling at the weird dialogue and throwing chips at the screen whenever somebody was shirtless (which seemed to be 80% of the time), I thought maybe I'd try it with this one. Plus, the bad vampire with the dreads is in this, and he doesn't even get chomped by baby werewolves yet. I tried to watch it before, but just couldn't. Maybe I will this time.

I'm oddly of two minds regarding the series (which I freely admit I have never read, I just sort of followed the story from the outside). I like some things (like Jacob, Bella's truck, her father, mother, Alice and most of the Cullens). I don't like other things (looking at Edward, Bella's disregard for her own soul and the wishes of someone she's supposed to love, her idea that being a vampire isn't a state of being but a matter of convenience). Oddly, I want to like her. I credit Kristen Stewart's eyes. I look at them and somehow believe. Believe what, I'm not sure. I do like Bella better after having ducked into Eclipse for a minute and seen part of the quilt scene with her mother.

I have this fantasy that the Twilight series is actually a series of prequel novels to 'the main story' set 20 years later, in which Bella is a powerful vampire queen, deadly enemies with Edward, and separated from the baby, possibly raised by Jacob or at least watched over, Ben Kenobi-style. I think Bella's true potential lies in villainy, and I do mean that as a compliment.


Hearttohearts said...

You should read the Twlight books, they're better than the movies

Bright Circle said...

Before the movies, the hype, the backlash and the insanity, I tried to read them. I think me and they are the wrong fit, for I couldn't make my way past the first couple of chapters. I don't know why it didn't interest me; I wanted and expected to like it, and usually I love books set in high school.

Bright Circle said...

Perhaps I shall read them someday.