Monday, August 23, 2010

Trading with sparklingshamrock

The Beaducation booth at the Bead & Button show allowed me to play with their metal stamping supplies, and I went home with not only a new (free) component, but a desire to begin stamping metal of my own!
Last week I started making my desire a reality, trading with Etsy seller SparklingShamrock. She got a green crystal ring and a Dragon King shimmerstone from my shop, and I got some metal stamps, copper washers, hole punching pliers, silver charms and a blank copper dog tag from hers. I made my first stamped pendant as soon as I could, inscribing the word 'BOLD' on the tag. I've been a fearful, cautious person in the past, but this word reminds me to be a person who is bold enough to make mistakes, bold enough to take the risks that lead to success.

The  pendant layers perfectly with other small or flat jewelry. Here, I combined it with the tiny Maltese Iron Cross charm from sparklingshamrock, and a hammered sterling washer with holes from my personal collection. That washer has a story of its own, but that's for tomorrow's entry. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! and a nice first shot at metal stamping. *thumbs up*

aquariann said...

Your first stamped pendant is awesome! The swiss cheese washer you matched it with is super cool, too.