Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Even jewelry gets a makeover sometimes!

Sometimes when I make jewelry, I won't be quite satisfied with it, but I'll keep it anyway. My idea of 'not quite there' may be another's idea of 'just right', so I'll put it away. Sometimes I come back to it with a brilliant idea to make over the piece.

This simple bracelet started as just turquoise coin beads connected by the big silver rings, but it seemed too plain. When makeover time came, I put blue pearls into the silver rings, added a ceramic blue bead from Kazuri, and a neck strap of mint-coloured silk, plus a removable bow of silk.
The finished necklace bears little resemblance to the original plain bracelet!

I had a hexagonal rose quartz pendant that I treasured, but couldn't quite place in the right design. I thought I found one with the necklace to the right, mixing bits of byzantine chainmail with the softness of braided silk side straps, but something didn't feel right, so I took the whole necklace apart. And it wasn't very painful to do, so that's partly how I knew I was doing the right thing.

The rose quartz pendant ended up inside a hammered wire circle, suspended by wisps of pale pink ribbon and strands of gleaming silver chain--just light enough to not overwhelm the beauty of the pendant, and just substantial enough to unify the necklace.
The silk braids ended up in the asymmetrical necklace below, the pair of them balancing multiple silver chains on the other side. The pink silk helps to bring together all the different shades and finishes of pink and peach dangling from the handmade links of the larger chain and front toggle clasp. This is a prime example of all the elements coming together perfectly in a necklace!


Knotted Nest said...

Nice pieces! I too put things aside all the time and comeback to them sometimes YEARS later!! Most things get lost along the way though : )

Melody said...

Love the rose quartz necklace.

Lacy said...

That pink necklace was beautiful both ways!

aquariann said...

Lovely makeovers! The pink necklace was also stunning the first way you designed it.

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

OMG I love that rose quartz necklace that you took apart. It was soooo stunning!
beautiful work!