Friday, July 30, 2010

Where do you get your ideas? #1

Every so often, every designer is asked 'where do you get your ideas?' and the answer is never just one thing. Sometimes my patttern of inspiration goes like this:
Many years ago, I purchased this silver chain necklace. Rarely am I moved to buy ready-made jewelry, but the singularly unique design of this chain held my interest, and years later, I still wear it. All the different textures, sizes and shapes of ring all coming together in a single unified chain makes for a perfect piece of jewelry that's just my style: simple, yet interesting. A few years ago, I felt a design percolating, inspired by the necklace, and in early June at the Bead & Button show, I knew my dream would be realized when I walked into the Blue Buddha Boutique booth. Blue Buddha caters to chainmaillers, so they carry all manner of jumprings, as well as anything that looks like one--like glass, rubber and crystal rings. I bought purple aluminum jumprings and medium blue glass rings (two items I'd been wanting for ages but never had a good project to justify the purchase) and when I got home, I got busy.
I linked the blue glass rings with silver jumprings I already had, connecting the sections with loops of silver chain, over which I slid the purple jumprings, which make a subtle musical sound as they slide over the chains. Then I put in an aqua blue crystal pendant I'd gotten at another booth.


AZCreativeStudio said...

Love it!

Kokopelli said...

Love you story about this piece and the necklace turned out beautiful! When I'm asked where my ideas come from I answer: From everywhere and everything! I never know when an idea hits me.

José said...


One of the most difficult things is being creative.
Mostly anyone can draw, paint, make a jewel and so on; of course that some better than others.
But to create or conceive new ideas, designs, etc., that's not for everyone.
That's why I admire artists like Dali or Escher.



Josh Healy said...
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