Sunday, July 25, 2010

Of espresso-scented madness and suicidal vacuum cleaners

Hello my friends, we are gathered here today to celebrate the existence of the craziest, most entertainingly bewildering blog I've ever seen: Frackin' Hackeysack! 
Crazed author Indigo Tallcake describes it as "a blog of relentless and insistent madness, liberally interspersed with unapologetic adjectives, bloody banana tongs, hippies, homicide, lots and lots of anthropomorphization and a healthy dose of disrespect for the world at large."
I'd love to claim I found it only after much fishing about in the internet's bitter dregs, but it just so happens that I know Indigo personally.
You must understand something about me--I am extremely picky when it comes to internet writing. The number of blogs I read can be counted on one hand--and my own blog would not be numbered among those fingers if I didn't, you know, write it. But I eagerly check Frackin' Hackeysack multiple times a day for a new post--you can bet I follow it! That's how good it is.

Mi amigos--you have a new blog to read. (And if my Spanish is totally off, somebody correct me.)

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