Monday, July 19, 2010

My vacation visit to Beads Amore

A few months ago at my local bead shop, I saw a necklace made from hazy aqua crystals paired with the most intriguing glass pearls. At first glance, they appear to be the classic ' tahitan black', but upon closer inspection, multiple hues come out to play, depending on the beads with which the pearls are paired. In this necklace, the crystals brought out a faint aqua cast, with hints of green and purple. I was delighted, and determined to myself to get some of those beads. Unfortunately, the beader who made the necklace told me that the shop where she bought the pearls no longer carries them.
But a few weeks later as I vacationed in Indianapolis, I went to the shop  Beads Amore there, and what should I find but those very pearls! I immediately bought a pair, and, upon getting home,  made simple earrings with my few remaining 'pacific opal' colored crystals and the pearls.

I've seen my share of independent shops, but must say that Beads Amore is the most stylish bead store I've ever visited.

I also bought some hot red oval  glass beads, incorporating them into minimalist earrings just as I'd planned, but with the unexpected addition of small black crystals. Black Ice and Red Fire, I call these earrings.

I couldn't resist getting this intriguing focal bead made of hypersthene, a chatoyant stone almost like a sable-brown labradorite, and pairing it with some mother-of-pearl coins I had in my stash at home.


Ron said...

I still remember that funny sign in behind the cash register in Beads Amore,

"Your Husband Just Called.
He said buy anything you want."


You are right, that was a very well-appointed shop! :-)

Flowers said...

That focal bead in the last photo is really interesting, and the necklace is unusual. I love it!

Laurie said...

I see what you mean about those "Tahitian black" pearls. They really aren't black! So cool how colors will play off one another!