Friday, April 16, 2010

Ancestors' Echoes Necklace

'Ancestors' Echoes Necklace'
Lately I've discovered the joy of pairing just a little blue lapis with bright orange carnelian stone. And since turquoise is another shade of blue, but lighter and different in tone, it goes well with both lapis and carnelian. After the bright translucence of the carnelian and the solid earthiness of the turquoise and lapis, the lustre of pearls and shell seemed to fit next, giving shine, gleam and lightness to the three strands of the necklace.
Bringing the three strands together is a sterling silver flower connector on each side, connecting the center strands to mother-of-pearl coins and a few silverplated feathers with epoxy inlay.

Necklace is about 18 inches (45 cm) with extender chain. Available for sale.

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Rose said...

The MOP coins and feathers give it a native american look- very pretty! I love the colors as well. Beautiful work!