Saturday, February 13, 2010

Liberty Town Arts


Last night I went to the monthly art reception at a local art co-op, Liberty Town Arts where lots of artists rent studio space in the communal building. The first Friday of every month (this month delayed one week due to snow), many of the artists come in to their studios to demonstrate and mingle with attendees. There is also finger food and an understatedly festive atmosphere--not at all a 'snotty art scene'. Even better than finger food though, is all the wonderful ARTISTS working there! Take a look at each of the Liberty Town artists.

I hope to become one of them. There's a waiting list to have a studio there, the gallery owner handpicks artists from the waiting list (not in sequential order, but in terms of suitability) and the space isn't cheap, but I think I have a shot at being accepted, and have saved up enough money to cover a month or two until sales start covering the rent. We'll see.

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