Monday, December 14, 2009

Featured Artist: MonsterKookies

MonsterKookies presents irresistibly macabre mini clay wearable sculptures! Buy a zombie-friendly brain-cupcake pendant, a tentacled confection, or the anatomically-correct steampunk heart pendant!
I know a cake-zombie who doesn't yet know he needs this cupcake: but he DOES need it--and so does every cake-zombie you know!

The artist says: " I've always wanted to be an artist! But to everyone else, art was just a hobby and nothing to make a living at. For the longest time I believed them, but one day I just decided not to. And here I am!
My forte is polymer clay. It speaks to me in strange languages. I just smile and nod and have my way with it. Then, POOF! The latest Monster Kookies creation! Blame the clay!
Polymer Clay is a jealous lover. If I am not playing or creating with it, it will haunt me. While I am sleeping, it will send in hoards of my Killer Cupcakes to turn my dreams into nightmares! And if I ignore it for too long, I can hear sobbing from my clay workspace in the night. It really is sensitive, you know.
When I am not wreaking havoc on my imagination and creating all the strange conconctions that it conjures up, I like to write as well."

And she does indeed! You should definitely check out her blog for her adventures in polymer clay, techniques and features on other artists after her own heart.

Last but NOT least, visit her Etsy shop at
and her DeviantArt page at

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