Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Featured Artist: Studiomme

The art of Etsy's Studiomme features subject matter from fairy tales both familiar and not. I'm partial to the 'Fear's Uncloaking' pieces http://bit.ly/KMVNC

Megan the artist says: "My pen and ink drawings hark back to the Golden Age of Illustration, when everything, even adult books, were illustrated with gorgeous drawings. I'm inspired by 16th century engravings and the work of Edward Gorey. I really love the different textures you can achieve from a single media just by varying your strokes. I've also done a few series with colored pencils, focusing on the intricacies of wallpaper, and I even have a few old photographs that were taken with a vintage, loaded camera I found in my grandma's closet."

Visit her shop at http://studiomme.etsy.com
You can also find her at:

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