Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Featured Artist: Caliklein

CaliKlein's luxurious gemstone cluster earrings give every day a special feeling! I imagine myself wearing these pearl chandeliers. http://bit.ly/yCodq

Cali the artist says: "I started making jewelry for myself about 6 years ago. I could never find things I loved and when I did, they were way too expensive. People would stop me and ask me where I bought the earrings or necklace I was wearing. One person even bought a necklace off of my neck! When I told them that I made them, they would ask where they could buy my work. It was at that point that I decided I should make and sell jewelry rather than make and hoard jewelry. :) My jewelry making habit became a very expensive one anyway, so selling my work made sense. I also wanted to share the jewelry I was making with the world instead of just keeping it all for myself! To this day, I only make jewelry that I absolutely love and would love to wear."

 Visit her shop at http://caliklein.etsy.com

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Theresa said...

Great feature. I love Cali's work :)