Sunday, September 6, 2009

Featured Artist: TocadoraLeather

Etsy's TocadoraLeather mixes leathers with metal and ceramic to make bold earthy cuffs! When asked how she got into making things with leather, she replies "Because I started playing the drums." She goes on to say I started off on hand percussion and quickly realized that you can't wear metal bracelets and play hand's bad for the drum heads and it gets in your way! But I was looking at my hands so much, I wanted my wrists to be more interesting. ;-> So I learned to make leather cuffs. And now that I also play the drum kit, well... you know how cool drummers are... Leather is essential!!!
I use primarily recycled materials in my work. Old belts, upholsterers' scraps, unwanted clothing items. (I once massacred a designer floor length leather skirt...ohhhh it was fun!) I've even been known to pick up odd bits of metal in parking lots for focal pieces."

Her bracelets come in four different sizes to fit any wrist. Though it's difficult to pick just one favourite, 'If You Press This Button' comes close:

Visit her shop at
or drop by her alter ego, for the Ferret's mad rhyming skillz!

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