Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Featured Artist: KahiliCreations

KahiliCreations' peaceful wireworked jewelry blends native Hawaiian inspiration with pearls, gemstones and  glass beads, incorporating all into her exquisite, yet completely wearable designs. 

The artist says: "The inspiration for my jewelry line comes from my life on the Big Island of Hawaii. The riot of colors and sounds that greet me every morning starts my creative juices flowing. The flowers are more vibrant, the trees greener, the sky more blue, the water warmer, the air more fragrant. We have hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes galore and Kilauea has been churning lava my way. I am really one with the elements."

Of her many pieces I'd love to wear, this Herkimer diamond pendant tops the list:
Browse her wonderful shop here:

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