Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Featured Artist: EchoEndeavor

EchoEndeavor creates elegant jewelry in soft hues, and proceeds benefit a local breast cancer charity!

 The artist says: "All items are handmade and proceeds are donated to "echo": Endeavor to Contribute to the Health of Others, a non-profit charity that helps cover costs associated with breast cancer care.
Several years ago I began exploring new ventures and hobbies as a means of enduring the rigors of graduate school. Little did I know that these interests would stick, even after I completed my formal education. Quickly realizing that my new hobbies were massing quite the collection and doing me little benefit piled in a drawer or upon a shelf, I decided to put my interests to work for others. As I was doing my graduate work in the field of cancer research, I looked to the Betty Puskar Breast Care Center next door to my research laboratory. Meeting a wonderfully sweet lady by the name of Miss Alice who helped me to get things organized, I began donating the proceeds from items I made to the breast care center to benefit those in my community who were in need of support. Whether they needed help paying for a mammogram or paying for cancer medicines, that is exactly what echo was set up to help those when insurance couldn't. So far, over $7,000.00 has been donated to echo, or the Endeavor to Contribute to the Health of Others. My goal (which was originally $1,000.00) is now up to $15,000.00. You can learn more about echo by visiting the website:"  

I'd like for these earrings to contribute to my ears!

Visit her shop at:


Jamie said...

Thank you for featuring my Etsy shop, EchoEndeavor!


Grace Hester said...

I am in an Etsy Team with Echo and you can totally tell that her big heart extends beyond this cause with the way she encourages and helps her fellow Etsy mates.

Thanks for featuring the wonderful person behind a great cause.

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