Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Featured Artist: DavidHinchenDesign

DavidHinchenDesign specializes in art portraits of city buildings. I LOVE city portraiture, so this is right up my alley. Pun genuinely not intended!

David says: "My drawings and paintings celebrate the visually absorbing shapes, colors, textures and eccentric details of the urban landscape. For many years, I worked solely in pen and ink. Slowly, I introduced color and have since developed a completely original technique which is characterized by precise ink images with acrylic tones painted over each other, resembling thin semi-opaque layers.
I'm a full-time artist who has completed over twenty years worth of drawings and paintings. The majority of my work portrays historic views of New York, New England and beyond."

My favourite is this painting print of Albany NY's State St. http://bit.ly/K3Sx4
What are you waiting for? Your place has been wanting a birthday present, so go buy it something!

Visit his shop at http://davidhinchendesign.etsy.com/
You can also find him at:




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